Herman Bros & Co trouser review

As a follow up to the review I did a few weeks ago of a jacket and a shirt from Herman Bros & Co this post will focus on the separate pants I also received from the commission. It also concludes the trilogy of Herman Bros & Co reviews.

Herman Bros & Co Suit review

My review of a fresh box check blue jacket and crisp white shirt I commissioned with Herman Bros & Co, Sydney. These are the finished products to my fitting review -- they are excellent products offered at the best price point I've seen yet in the market.

Herman Bros & Co Tailors – fitting review

Herman Bros & Co is a tailoring service that operates out of Burwood in Sydney’s Inner West; just a stone’s throw, or 15 minutes by train, from the Sydney CBD.

It’s incredibly exciting to find new tailoring services cropping up in Sydney, and I recently had the opportunity to have a fitting with Herman of Herman Bros. If I were to sum up Herman Bros in three words or less it would be: Options! Options! Options!

Cardholder by Holdall & Co

Few things in life match the sensory explosion that is taking a fresh leather item out of the box. The smell, the touch, the feeeeel. Just kidding.

Getting a new product is exciting though. This is my review of a cardholder by English company Holdall & Co.

Suit Shop shirt review

My review of two Suit Shop shirts I bought towards the end of last year. One is in a light blue houndstooth (pictured) and the other in a navy denim chambray.

Carmina Uetam Tassel Loafer

My review of the Carmina braided, tassel loafer in the Uetam last. A gorgeous shoe in a very versatile style.