How the quest for 'pop' can make you look tacky

One of the things designers seem to be on an endless quest for these days is 'pop' -- that wow factor that adds instant visual appeal to an item of clothing. While you certainly want clothes to have that instant appeal, sometimes 'pop' simply translates to tacky.

Here are three ways designers, in their search for 'pop', have gone down the path of gawdy.

Getting measured by your iPhone

I like science a lot; I even subscribe to a Facebook page titled: ‘I f**king love science.’ But I’m not entirely sure how the technology that allows an iPhone camera to take your measurements works – I’m content to think of it as magic.

What I wore on Melbourne Cup Day

Today I wore a new suit by Suit Shop.

I'll aim to get a review of the suit up soon.

A comparison of cotton, linen and wool suits

I've begun writing a column for Menswear webzine Mensflair.

Whenever I do these articles I will link to them on this blog. Check out my first post which examines some of the differences between cotton, linen and wool suits.

Carmina Uetam Tassel Loafer

My review of the Carmina braided, tassel loafer in the Uetam last. A gorgeous shoe in a very versatile style.