Wearing a suit to the races -- the pitfalls

Spring: the time of year when many Australians young and old dress up to go to 'the races' so they can have a bet on the horses and get pissed drinking their own body weight in alcohol.

While the ladies usually need little help in the sartorial stakes, sometimes the young men who frequent the races choose 'suits' that leave a lot to be desired. Here are a few quick tips on what to avoid, and what to wear.

Suits with shorts: what the fuck

Suits with shorts: looks good on women, ridiculous on men.

How to get a six pack

While this blog will always focus on clothing and style, I've wanted for some time to do a post about fitness; partly because it relates to clothing and image, and partly because of the hilarious introductory scene to Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.

So, would doing a routine of a thousand crunches get you the six pack Christian Bale had when he played Pat Bateman? Not necessarily.

How to wear a tie

Ties grab peoples' attention. Whether you're being complimented on how nice your tie is, or being told it clashes awfully with the rest of your outfit, chances are people will notice your neck-wear.

This also means that people tend to have an opinion about ties. It is the item of clothing that people at my office comment on the most -- quite often regarding whether I am wearing the tie 'correctly'. This post will be a little bit cathartic.

What I wore to the beach

Catching a wave at the beach.